Different types of insurance plans

If you are looking for an insurance policy without burning a hole in your pockets, consider purchasing online travel insurance from India-based insurance policy providers. There are many insurance providers who provide insurance policies for various events and items. There are several types of insurance policies available in India. Few of them are as follows-

Travel insurance plans- Online Travel Insurance plans can be availed when anyone is going on a trip for work, business, studies or so on. Usually, most of the travel insurance plans are valid from the day you are traveling and is valid till you come back from the trip. You can buy online travel insurance from India based insurance providers who specialize in providing travel insurance policies. There are mainly two types of travel insurance plans available in India. One is domestic insurance plan and the other one is overseas travel insurance plan. Domestic travel insurance plans are designed for the domestic travelers, while overseas travel insurance plans are designed for overseas travelers.

Personal accident insurance plans- Personal accident policies are designed to safeguard you and provide financial support to you against personal accidents. A comprehensive personal accident policy can cover medical and hospitalization expenses of the insured person who has been injured in any accident.

Mediclaim or medical insurance policies- Mediclaim or medical insurance policies are one of the most important insurance policies one must take as it covers medical and hospitalization expenses due to critical illness or accident. As medical costs are soaring high, it is important for anyone to get a financial support in the time of emergency. There are two types of medical insurance policies, one is individual medical insurance policies and the other one is family floater policies. Individual health care policies provide medical coverage for individuals, while family floater policies provide coverage to the whole family with a single sum assured amount.

Life insurance plans- As the name suggests, life insurance policies are designed to cover the life of the insured. If the insured dies in some disease, accident or in a natural process, the one nominated gets an amount of sum assured by the deceased person.

Third party liability policies- Third party liability policies can be taken separately or along with any other policy. This Travel Insurance Policy provides coverage to third party person who has been harmed or injured because of you. It can be a road accident where the fault is yours. Third party liability insurance can help cover the amount incurred for the damages in third party vehicles and injured people.